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5 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

by Vicky Wilcox on Aug 01, 2022

5 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Try these top 5 poses for easy and effective weight loss

It’s getting to that when in the New Year we will all be thinking about getting into shape, increasing our fitness and health levels and possibly losing weight. And let’a face it, after the last almost two years we have had it can be a tough thing for some of us to face.

But what if you could do this easily, happily and most of all comfortably from the security of your own home or personal space? Having the ideal ‘workout’ or plan to help you achieve everything you want to in 2022 and beyond.

There are a couple of yoga videos I want to recommend that can offer you some tips and advice to get you started, no matter where you are or where you want to be in your fitness journey.

Yoga can help you get fit, lose weight and have fun!

First and foremost, you have the physical asana’s or postures that will help you to tone up and get stronger and more flexible.

But the best thing about yoga? You can practice at your own pace! So whether you like fast flowing sequence, or (like many of us) you want to take it low and slow, yoga has so many options, variations and styles you don’t have to worry!

Yoga is also great to do alongside a lot of other types of exercise, so if cardio and running is more your thing, you love a fitness class or fancy having a go at some weights, then why not try some yoga as well? It will help you to loosen up and feel more open, but more importantly it will support you in your weight loss journey. It can help tone and strengthen muscles, helping to you to work harder to burn more.

Another core benefit of practising yoga alongside alternative forms of exercise is the breathing techniques you can pick up as you practice. Yoga encourages the use of breathing (and oxygen) to be directed and focused to the areas of the body that need it the most, a technique that can be translated when doing other forms of exercise to help you sustain whatever you are doing for longer, supporting you to go deeper and harder into anything you are doing. Yoga can help you burn

I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favourite yoga workouts I think you will love that can help you with your weight loss goals. I have tried to find a mix that focus on different elements so there is something for everyone. These are just some short and simple videos to get you started but drop me a line if you are looking for something more in-depth!

1. Yoga for a flatter tum


2. Yoga for toned bottom and thighs

3. Yoga to burn fat

4. Bow pose for abs and glutes

5. Yoga cobra pose for tighter abs

6. Triangle pose for a slimmer waist

7. Bridge pose for a toned booty

If you want to find out more, then download your FREE YOGA GUIDES now, where I share my top tips, advice and benefits on some of the yoga poses I think you will love.