Neck and Shoulder Massage Relaxer

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Introducing our Neck Shoulder Relaxer Stretcher, an innovative solution designed to provide relief and relaxation for neck and shoulder tension. This Cervical Traction Device, known as the Neck Cloud, offers a unique approach to pain relief and spine alignment. Here are five exceptional features of this chiropractic pillow:

  1. Effective Pain Relief: Designed by chiropractors, this device aids in gently stretching and decompressing the spine, providing relief from neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, and tension accumulated from everyday activities.

  2. Versatile Usage: Whether at home, in the office, or while traveling, this cervical stretcher is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy use wherever you need to alleviate discomfort and improve posture.

  3. Multiple Functions: The stretcher not only relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles but also promotes spine alignment, enhances circulation, and may assist in reducing headaches caused by muscle strain.

  4. Adjustable & Comfortable Design: Featuring multiple levels of adjustment, this device accommodates different neck sizes and preferences for a personalized and comfortable stretching experience.

  5. Durable & Easy-to-Use: Made from high-quality materials, this stretcher is durable and easy to operate. Simply lay down, place the device under your neck, and feel the tension melt away as it gently supports your cervical spine.

Discover relief from neck and shoulder discomfort with our Neck Shoulder Relaxer Stretcher. Embrace a more comfortable, relaxed posture and alleviate muscle tension for a rejuvenated and pain-free experience.



  • Material: EVA material/PU material
  • Specification: C-type massage pillow
  • Massage position: neck and shoulder
  • PU material Pillow is more soft to use

Product Description:

  • Neck Support Shoulder Relaxer: This cervical neck stretcher is a versatile orthotic, Relief neck pain in just 10 minutes (Can't be used as an ordinary pillow all night long), Simple and effective physical solutions for cervical traction device effectively helps provide targeted acupressure pain relief around the neck, perfect for relieving neck/shoulder pain and pressure, bulging discs, pinched nerves, TMJ and sore muscles.
  • Neck Curve Pillow: The ergonomic C-curve design matches the human cervical spine, It provides a perfect Cervical Traction Device Pillow. When you lie down, it offers vertical, horizontal support, and curvature stretch for more complete neck traction, allowing the cervical traction device to gently position the head to help reduce spinal pressure, help users maintain a good spinal posture, relieve pain and pressure, support the cervical spine and help restore the C-shaped curve of the neck.
  • Neck Relaxer: Multiple points target the areas in the neck and lower head, help relax muscles and decompress the pressure. Gentle stretching can help relieve neck stiffness, provide neck support, help reduce the pressure on the cervical spine, and effectively help relieve chronic neck pain.
  • Elastic Stretch: Made of high-density elastic self-skinning foam, which is firm and strong, providing a firm, lightweight base. The neck traction pillow is not easy to deform and can provide strong support for the cervical spine.  It can be used on hard surfaces, such as home floors, outdoor flat ground, and it can also be used on soft surfaces, such as sofas, beds or yoga mats. People can enjoy the cervical neck stretcher more comfortably during work or travel to help relieve neck fatigue.
  • Applicable To All Kinds of People: This cervical traction pillow can provide neck traction, relax the neck and shoulder, and help relieve neck pain. Great for staff, office workers, students, drivers and people who need to bow their heads for a long time.
  • Do not use it for more than 5 minutes for the first time and cannot replace daily pillow use.

Product Information:

  • There could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.
  • Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement.