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Top 5 Yoga Mats for Beginners

by Vicky Wilcox on Jun 27, 2023

Top 5 Yoga Mats for Beginners

If you’re not sure what the right mat is for, take a look at some of my top picks!

In my years of teaching and practicing yoga, I have personally experienced and worked with many different types of mats over the years. I wanted to share with you some of my top yoga mats. There is no one size fits all, and it does depend on where you are in your yoga journey as to what mat is right for you, so I have got a selection that will suit you, whatever stage you are at.

Getting a good mat is a great investment, although you don’t have to spend a fortune, especially if you are just starting out.

If you are new to yoga and want some more advice and guidance then get in touch and I will be happy to help you out!

Things to thing about when choosing your mat

Your mat will become your best friend in your practice, so you need to think about what you need the most. I find a thicker mat with some spring is better for me as I have sensitive knees and wrists, so you need to think about what is right for you.


Price does not always mean quality, but it ca be a good indication. I have still got mats I paid less than £10 for and they are a good substitute at times, and they do last! Have a look at both quality and price before making a decision.


There are lots of really well-known brands that are usually rated highly. However, I would advise not just to go for a big brand, but look at reviews as well.

Look and Feel

You will want a mat that has style, as you’re going to want a mat you’re happy and proud to step onto. Don’t be afraid to go for colour, or some mats have some great guidelines so you know where to put your hands and feet.


Have a think about thickness, durability – will you be using your mat indoors and outdoors? On a soft or hard surface? I would recommend to those starting out to get a slightly thicker mat until you are used to the pressure on the different parts of your body, and a bit of extra cushion for a more comfortable practice.

Yoga Mats by Rumi

This is one of my favourite mats, and the one I am currently using! For me the quality is unbeatable, I have had this for at least 3 years and it is still like brand new. It’s slightly thicker and has more cushion which is why I like it, although this is more on the pricey side it has lasted well, and so if you are looking for a long term investment this could be the one for you!

Price: £60-£100

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Lifeorme Yoga Mat

I love this ma for the design and print that helps you know where to put hands, feet and knees, so if you are not sure on correct alignment this can really help you out. It’s lightweight, non slip and looks fab as well.

Price: £££ – an investment mat!

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Supermarket Own Brand

This is a much more cost effective option, and I still have my yoga mat from my local supermarket (and most of them will have them in stock where ever you shop). It’s great if you are starting out and don’t practice a lot, as this is an affordable option. The thickness is ok, although the touch can feel a little bit slippery at first, but after a while this eases off and provides enough support.

Price: £7.99-£14.99

Ewedoos Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines

Practical, reliable and a cool brand! If you’re into your yoga style and swag, this one is for you. Added bonus of being eco friendly with no latex or pvc. Feel good whilst you are doing good with this mat.

Price: £27.00+

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KG Physio Yoga Mat

The KG Physio Yoga mat is such a good mat, and not as expensive as some other options out there. It comes with a yoga bag, it’s durable, non slip, and comfortable. One of my favs that I highly recommend!

Price: £14.99+

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If you ever need any help with your yoga practice, drop me a line and let’s see how we can get you started! You can also join me on the mat for any of my online classes.

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