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Yoga for Weight Loss – 15 Minute Workout

by Vicky Wilcox on Apr 01, 2023

Yoga for Weight Loss – 15 Minute Workout

If you’re looking to lose weight or shed a few pounds, then look no further! Yoga is often overlooked or misunderstood as a fantastic way to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. I think this is often because yoga isn’t seen as ‘exercise’ which traditionally it isn’t (as it slows the heart rate down), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the same, if not more incredible benefits than your typical cardio work out. In fact, not only can yoga practice help you lose weight it will help you tone up and get more flexible in the process – it’s a no brainer!

Warm up to Work Out

As always, I recommend you don’t go into any of these poses ‘cold’ but take some time to ‘warm up’ the body – just you would for any exercise you are about to do. Ensuring you take time (about 5-10 minutes) to gently warm up will help to avoid any injury, as you can ease your body into it with gentle and smaller movements.

Once you are ready, this little sequence of yoga will help you not only lose weight, but you should notice your flexibility increases, you will feel tones, light, healthier and ultimately happier!

I am talking from experience – check out my Instagram to see some of my pictures of how I toned up and lost weight, just from yoga! So here are some of my top yoga poses for weight loss, how to do them and the benefits you will start to see!

Plank and Side Variations

There are so many plank variations that will have incredible benefits to help you tone up and lose weight. This is because you are working your core muscles, which will engage your abdominals and burn off fat. For forward facing plank, you can start by lying on the ground an come to a tabletop position. From there, either lift your knees so you are supported by your hands, or you can come onto your forearms if you need to.

For side plank, from your plank position bring the feet together, place your right hand in the centre of the mat (so it’s under your face). Turn your body to face the left so you are on the blade of your outside right foot, and your left is on top of your right foot. You can drop your right knee down if you need to. Raise your left hand up or place on you hip if you prefer.

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Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

A great one for stimulating the abs as well as toning the back of your body. Start by lying on your stomach, hands parallel to your body, palms facing down. Lift your feet up so your knees are bent. You can stay here or see f you can reach your hands to hold onto your feet or calves. Inhale to lift everything up, but don’t over stretch or strain your neck, gaze forward or slightly up.

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Bridge Pose

Start by lying on your back, feet hip width apart. Keep your hands either side of your body, palms facing down and fingers pointing to your feet. Inhale and as you exhale lift up from your hips, squeezing your gluts as you lift up, keeping your shoulders, upper back neck and head on the floor.

For and extra work out, pulse your gluts when your hips are lifted for extra tone and tightness!

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Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Start with your feet 3-4 feet apart, facing forward. Turn the right foot forward at a 90-degree angle, and the back left foot to a 45-degree angle. Raise the arms so they are parallel to the ground, inhale and as you exhale tilt the right hand down to meet to the right foot and take the left hand up so the shoulders are stacked one on top of the other. This is great for toning the sides of the body!

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Another great one for the abs, but also the entire torso, legs, arms and glutes get a workout! From plank position, use your arms and triceps to lower to just above the ground. Hold for 10 seconds or more engaging the core.

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Cobra Pose

Another great pose to tighten the abdomen. Start by lying on the floor face down, hands either side of your body parallel with your shoulders. Keep your toes on the floor, and inhale to left up from the ribs, looking forward or upwards. Make sure your hips, legs and feet are grounded on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and exhale to lower back down.

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Boat Pose (Naravasana)

From a comfortable seat on the floor, bend the knees with the toes touching the ground to help you to balance on the floor. Raise your arms up parallel to the floor, and if you are ready, raise the legs. If this is tough you can hold the legs under the knees and lift the feet up one by one.

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Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Start by kneeling on the floor, hip width apart. Take your hands to the waist, thumbs either side of your spine. Inhale and as you exhale slowly lean back, taking your hands down your legs and onto your claves (or just where is possible), letting your head hang back as far is comfortable. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute, coming up slowly and carefully and taking care not to bring your head or neck up too quickly.

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Try these poses and a warm up beforehand, and with repeat practice over time you should notice a difference in how you feel. These yoga poses are great for weight loss, as well as helping you get fit, flexible, happy and healthy!

Get in touch and join me on the mat for some online or in-person yoga, and let’s see if we can create a weight loss yoga programme just for you! We can create a solution that will help you lose weight and with regular practice that has proven to deliver results.